Eeek eek eek! I’m so in and so excited.

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Here’s my contribution, written and revised right here in your comments section. Remember this YA novel?

The red fern


Regardless of,


Our carrying on.

She knew

What she was created to do

And she did it.

Season after season

In soil made fertile

By spilled blood

When trampled, cut to core

Through fear, love

She emerged

Unfurling graceful fronds

Reaching up toward shaded sky

Declaring “Here Am I”


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Oh, that was the saddest book! That was one of the first books that actually made me sob. I confess, I never gave it to my kids. I couldn't bear to watch them suffer as I had. But this is a lovely poem. Can I ask a favor? Would you paste it over on today's note so that we can be sure people get to see it? I'm going to try to encourage comments on the daily Notes with the prompt, just so the poems are grouped with their prompts and this doesn't turn into a giant, unwieldy comments sections. Here's the link: https://substack.com/@connort/note/c-52921788

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You got it!

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Oh my goodness! I have just found this (thanks to Tom S) and I’m in my element!

Here is my day 1 - a book I once loved by Carole Matthews, entitled, Let’s Meet on Platform 8:

Another early morning

Seas of people

Embarking on a 6am commute



From fast moving trains

Pushed and pulled

We look past

See through


Time stops

But the world still motions

Eyes locked,

Frozen within a chaotic blur

A dense drum


From a once silent tomb.

Yours in answer

Echoes across the tracks

Two strangers

One song

What could go wrong?

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This is great! A lot of people are posting in the comments under the daily Notes (linked above), if you want to see how other people have responded to the prompt. You can even post yours over there too. So glad you found us!!

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I’ve been doing a poem a day for several months now, “Pieces Of Poetry “, @Stanley Wotring Please check me out.

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Can we jump in on day 11? I have had to warm up to this idea and trying to catch up! If so where would I post my poems? TIA

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Yes! Of course! No rules, just poetry. Nobody is keeping score. You can respond to one prompt, or ten prompts, or none and all and participate simply by reading. If you look up above you'll see that each day (April 10, April 11) is linked to a Note. People generally post their poems in the comments on each day's note. So you can come back here each day and click the link and find your way to the day's poems. Happy writing!

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Thank you!

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Done them all but one! Hahahahaha am on a writing spree after no writing for a few days. Such an inspiration. Will try to find them all.

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Found day one, unable to find 2 and 3 April...

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I just corrected the link to April 2. Thanks for pointing that out. The link to April 3 seems to be correct as far as I can tell.

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Thank you, my laptop also has issues and so it may be me. I found them on notes so will try to upload. Thank you for this!

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Had no idea this was a thing and missed the first few days... Will get stuck in!

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I shared a poem a day for many consecutive Aprils, but fell out of the practice in the last few years You’ve inspired me to share away. Thank you, Tara.

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I like this prompt and I'm forcing myself to get into the swing of things by posting a not-yet-finished draft from this morning😬:

She is north and beautifully

alone, making tracks


across a wide and frozen lake

towards home. She pulls


behind her the supplies for another month. She survives

because she wants to


and because she can. She survives

because, again and again, she chooses to


wake. She is her own burly caretaker

in her small cabin at the edge


of her northern lake. Before this,

there were many other lives,


but this wild cold

is the best she's ever known.

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This is great! I love how you're jumping right in. I'm so curious what the book is. Oh, and I wanted to say, you are totally welcome to post poems here on this post, but during the February Adventure, Petra had us post on the daily Note instead. That way the poems follow just the day's prompt and the comments here won't get too long and unwieldy. Apologies, I threw this all together very quickly yesterday and I realize I may have not been entirely clear.😝 Here's a link to today's Note, if you want to post your poem there as well: https://substack.com/@connort/note/c-52921788

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Ah ok great, good to know haha. Thanks!

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Yay!! This is going to be fun!! Thanks Tara 😊

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This is awesome, Tara! Thanks for getting this set up for Substack. April is pretty full of novel writing and editing for us but I'll definitely pop in and out.

And thank you for speaking so glowingly of February Poetry Adventure. 😊 I'm so glad you felt the invitation to inspiration.

And I concur. So glad to have met some very cool people during the Poetry Adventure. 😀✨

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I didn’t realize it was the eve of Poetry Month and wrote a poem today! It doesn’t align with the prompt but I might go double just because.

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I love seeing what people are writing, regardless of whether it's clearly related to the prompt. Post anything you like in the daily Notes! No rules, just poems! 💙

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This is lovely. And you didn’t miss the first one. The note is still out there and you can respond anytime. No rules, just poetry.

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My submission for the April 21st prompt of a recurring colour.

White is right

White is might

White not night

White led fight

America white

European white

South African white

White World War One

White World War Two

White Israel

White Kuwait War

White Afghanistan War

White Bosnian War

White World Bank

White International Monetary Fund

White imperialism

White Global North

White Apartheid

White wash.

White world.

Sunny Morgan

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